We had Adept Family Lawyers draft legal documents and their communication, professionalism and followup was excellent. There were corrections that needed to be done on the draft copy and the correspondence was done promptly and accurately. The ‘in person’ signing of our documents was also very pleasant and professional. They ensured that all the necessary sanitary and social distance precautions were taken. Banke was excellent to deal with and very confident in their approach, which instills confidence for an important document. Thanks for your help!

Cory M, 15/05/2021


The first meeting with Ms.Soni Dhaliwal introduces by Ms.Banke Adediran I felt already that she was the right one to represent me. My case was extremely difficult. 34 years of marriages that was deceitful, lied on, used, wiped out the account and put to debts ripped off to the brink of bankruptcy. It’s the the end of the world for me and Soni saved and fought for me. She’s honest, firm, fierce, diligent,knowledgeable, brilliant, professional you should see her in court and debate with opposing Counsel. My case took 2 1/2 years from previous Counsel but Soni only used 1 year of that to get a resolution and settlement. She gave me hope and my life back . I will not hesitate to recommend her and the firm in a heart beat for anyone needing or looking for excellent Family Lawyer. Thank you for everything Soni and Banke.

Consolacion T, 10/30/2020


I got totally ripped off to the brink of bankruptcy by two crooked lawyers before reached out to Banke Adediran. Honestly things were like end of the world for me and Banke saved me. I will never forget the big big favor she has done to me. I found Banke very professional, considerable, kind and always available. She acts aggressively with plan. Based on my experience with several lawyers, I noticed most of lawyers try to financially bleed their clients to the most however Banke is an exception. Thank you Banke.

Manoochehr A, 08/16/2020


I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Banke Adediran in January 2019 when I was going through a very difficult time. As I laid out my situation before her, I could see Ms. Adediran listening intently, understanding my needs and the demands of the case. Over the course of a little over one and half years, Ms. Adediran navigated the many turns and changing complexities of the case with confidence and patience, with the aim of doing what was best for me. Ms. Adediran’s strength of character and fighting spirit assured me that I was well represented.
I strongly recommend Ms. Adediran, her associates and staff, for any legal issues. Ms. Adediran is an exceptional lawyer and a remarkable person.

Lawrence F, 08/11/2020


I have never had legal trouble in my life until 2020. I did not know where to start from…. I went with Adept Family Lawyers based on a recommendation and I have no regrets. They were understanding of my situation and gave me honest advice. They were very professional and it was never always about money! There was one court appearance that billing was completely waived. I am eternally grateful…..

Mary-Anne, 12/10/2020


I have been a client of Banke’s for about a year and a half now. I was extremely careful about which law office I chose as I was dealing with significant issues and needed someone I could trust. Banke cares a great deal about her clients and always took the time to ensure that I understood every step of the process. Her attention to detail is incredible and she understands family law inside and out! She is responsive with her emails and phone calls and makes herself available to answer any questions. If you are looking for a professional and respectful lawyer, I definitely recommend Banke and Adept Family Lawyers for any legal needs you may have.”

Stephanie C., 05/04/2020


I have used this law firm (Banke) on 2 occasions. I found them very detailed, personal and knowledgeable. These ladies were passionate about my matters and dealt with me one-on-one. I was always kept up to date on my matter and they sought my instructions on every step. I really did feel they looked out for me and cared for my sons and I. I’ll definitely recommend and would use them over again. Thanks Banke, and her team.”

Festus A, 04/15/2020


I knew from the moment I met Banke that she was the one I wanted to represent me. She picked up on other points immediately in the first meeting that others did not. She is frank, honest and diligent. My case has been extremely difficult and she has worked with me all through 2017 and still unfortunately going in 2020. I have already recommended her to others and would not hesitate to continue to do so.”

Louise H, 05/17/2020


I have transacted business with Banke on numerous occasions. She is a brilliant and astute client centred professional, obviously very well trained with high ethical standards. I would recommend Banke and her firm to anyone looking for an excellent Family Lawyer . Keep it up!!

Umaru A, 10/03/2020


Amazing lady. Thanks Banke. I don’t see how Banke can be anything but exceptional. She goes far and beyond. She gets personal with you while she fixes all of your problems. She is thorough and would provide her legal advice in writing. She responds to every communication and makes sure you are understand.
My divorce was swift, and painless. I’ll recommend Banke and her law office.

Ebenezer S, 03/20/2020


Hello Banke,

I would like to thank you for your service. You have listened to my wishes, supported me and helped me to get through my divorce process. I wished everything to be civilised, reasonable, and keep the kids best interests in mind. As well as get everything done as fast and painless as possible, and not dragging on. You handled everything professionally and efficiently. I really appreciated it. Thank you! I will recommend you to anyone who needed your help. Thanks again!

LH, 01/18/2019



Hi Banke! 🙂 How are you? It’s been over a year, and we are all doing very well. Thank you so much for all you did for us! You are a fantastic lawyer! I think of you often, and thank God for you. Hope you are doing well, Banke.
Every blessing to you!

CP, 05/04/2018



They are great lawyers. My separation agreement and divorce papers were drawn up and signed in a week. Very professional and compassionate ladies. I will definitely use them again and actually would be using them for the purchase of my new home.

Bakker A, 04/12/2018



I had an urgent need to retain a Family Court Lawyer and I contacted Adept Family Lawyers.   I was introduced to Nkiru Emodi and gladly accepted her Professional Services to represent me on urgent matters including helping me protect my child and obtaining Child Financial Support from the mother of my son.  I was very pleased with the professional Legal services Nkiru provided and her representation in Court was beyond any of my expectations. Nkiru Emodi is a very competent lawyer who went beyond my expectations to protect my young son in Court and obtained Court Approved financial support from the mother after many years of me being the sole provider. It was Obvious that Nkiru is not only a competent lawyer but she is also a very confident lawyer and her appearances and presentations in Court were exceptional and her knowledge of the law was recognized by the court. Thank you to Nkiru and Adept Family Lawyers.

I highly recommend Adept Family Lawyers and Lawyer Nkiru Emodi.

Ed, 02/13/2018



No matter how big or how small of a role I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Although the battle is not over I have complete confidence in adept family law!!!

I thank you most sincerely as does my family for all the work and effort you have all put into my daughter and myself. Love you all”

Anonymous Client, 11/13/2017



Adept Family Lawyers are very professional, polite, and knowledgeable. They helped me with my matter in a quick but very efficient manner. Very impressed right from the start. I will definitely use them again if I need to and will recommend them to everyone. Thank you so very much for everything that you guys have done to help me, especially Brittany.”

Kirsten M, 12/09/2017



Hi Ladies,

Thank you a million times over for your help, dedication, persistence & friendship through these last two years. Finally divorced!!! :)”

Anonymous Client, 02/24/2017




Thank you for your prompt attention to this tenancy matter and especially the result. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you, again.

Anonymous Client, 02/20/2017



Hi Banke,

Thanks, you’ve been awesome. Time to move on, and forward. I wish you all the best in business and Family.

Kindest Regards and Respect.

Anonymous Client, 01/20/2017



Banke, I appreciate all and I mean all you have done. You are truly a breath of fresh air. I cant believe I have come to the end. Divorced and happier. I’m happy to have met a considerate and knowledgeable lawyer like you. Thanks so very much Banke.


Anonymous Client, 03/12/2017



From the first time I talked to Banke Adediran over the phone, I knew she was the right lawyer for me to help me with my divorce. She is very knowledgeable in the area of divorce, which was the sole service I needed, down to earth, a woman of faith, plus has a great sense of humor, which I feel is necessary, especially in this line of work, as it can get a little crazy sometimes. Banke always made me feel comfortable. We were both transparent, which is very important and we knew where each other was coming from. We hit it off right away. She knows her legal stuff very well. I would not hesitate to refer people to Banke Adediran for her legal services. You would be in great hands. Thank you Banke.”

Sharon Z., 10/11/2016



THANK U THANK U THANK U VERY VERY MUCH u have no idea what that means to me!!!!! God bless u…this may be a lower level strange but please please give Banke a huge huge hug from me God bless

Have I said THANK U”

Michael D., 10/05/2016



With my case happening in Calgary and with me living in North Dakota, Banke was able to handle my case in an efficient manner, despite me being so far away. She was able to break things down for me in a way I could understand, guide me in what I should do and what I should ask for in my family law case, and work within my budget. She knew everything about my matter off the top of her head without delay. I appreciate her tenacity when seeking what’s best for my situation and making sure that I was kept up to date on all the matters and happenings in my case. Don’t think twice when it comes to taking on Banke as your representation in the future.”

Scott Wasilewski, 07/28/2016



Hi Banke,

I just want to say thank you. I’m happy to have met you and I truly appreciate all the help you provided me with. Thank you again, Sincerely”

Tehz, 06/11/2016



Dear Banke, I am most grateful for your support. Your commitment, diligence and honesty are really remarkable.”

Angela, 03/23/ 2016



Thank you. Everything (with the sale) has worked out wonderfully. Hopefully, I can send you more business. Thanks again.”

Stath, 04/29/ 2016

Banke is an extremely smart lawyer who has provided exceptional legal services to my family in the last decade. She has a brilliant mind, hardworking, energetic and most especially passionate about what she does. I can attest to her integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. If you need a lawyer you can trust and who will be committed to achieving the best for you – make an appointment with Banke.

Bolu I., 04/21/2016



I have had the opportunity to speak to Banke about family law files on many occasions and I was always impressed with her knowledge, enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile for her clients”.

Patricia Sealy, 01/26/2015



Banke worked on my divorce separation agreement and was diligent, concise, and compassionate. I’d absolutely recommend her services”.

Anonymous Client, 06/14/2012



I highly recommend this lawyer for any family law issue. I found her to be more than just a lawyer, she has a conscience, integrity and very detailed in her work. I had no idea what to do or where to begin. I met with Banke for only an hour and I got great value for my money. I left her office relieved and fully educated about the Divorce process. Her rates were also reasonable. There were no unexpected billing costs, she worked within my budget. She knew her file way more than the opposing lawyer. She knew all my children’s names and birth dates without looking it up. Very efficient lady. Through her legal expertise and tenacity she made this transition for myself and my children a lot easier than we thought it would be”.

Anonymous Client, 06/08/2012



I have known Mrs. Adediran a little over 7 years. I have been soliciting her professional services as a lawyer for the last 5 years. During this time, Mrs. Adediran has proven herself to be capable and resourceful. She assisted me with litigation, mediated disputes and provided consults regarding important paperwork. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled and knowledgeable family lawyer”.

Olaniyi A, 01/31/2015



I worked with Banke during her time at Wise Scheible Barkauskas Family Law. She was always pleasant to work with and I sought her advice on some of my most challenging family law files. She is a talented and tenacious lawyer”.

Tyler Fric, 01/27/2015



She is very knowledgeable and experienced. she was very sympathetic to my situation and did a quality job on my behalf. Im glad to have met such a lovely lady”.

Anonymous Client, 01/14/2015



Banke stands for brains and beauty. Keep it up. God bless and keep you. Cheers”.

Wendy B, 08/04/2014



Banke knows family law like the back of her hand. She listens to all my concerns and makes sure she takes them into consideration. She is always available and gives sound advice that is beneficial in my situation. In the 15 months that I retained her, she moved company and raised her rates twice. But I stayed with her and I am glad I did. I am now a happy and satisfied (single) client. Keep it up Banke”.

Maria Chormela Santos, 01/30/2015



I was very impressed with Banke’s work. She was efficient and worked quickly but thoroughly. I felt that I was well represented as she stood her ground about what I wanted and didn’t go back and forth between myself and the other parties (which just adds up more and more expenses.) She knew what I wanted and expressed that firmly with the other lawyer. I have had a very bad experience in the past with lawyers and dealing with Banke was a breathe of fresh air. I truly felt well represented and that she had my best interest at heart. She kept me current with the proceedings mainly through email which I found a good way to keep expenses down. I received drafts of her work to peruse and approve which made me feel as if I was kept current of the proceedings. She researched information for me and then wrote up a detailed plan of action for me which is extremely helpful. She has excellent knowledge. I would and have highly recommended her to others. Her work has renewed my trust in the legal system”.

Anonymous Client, 06/14/2012



Banke is an excellent family law lawyer and a woman of integrity. I recommend her to any one in need of a competent, honest, dedicated and responsive legal services provider and lawyer. I congratulate her on her tremendous success and wish her only continued success”.

Robyn Smith, 02/05/2015



Banke is an attentive, professional, caring, and compassionate lawyer. She was one of my biggest sources of hope during an otherwise long and drawn out legal ordeal. Her dedication to seeing the “battle” through until the end as well as respecting any boundaries and requests set forth by her client truly made her our “knight in shining armour”. Not only did she help to set realistic expectations regarding the divorce and its outcomes, but she suggested cost-saving measures when the opposing counsel began purposely using delay tactics. I would recommend Banke’s services, with NO hesitation, to anyone and everyone. It is truly rare to find a legal representative that is as selfless, knowledgeable, and concerned with their client’s welfare. Thank-you, Banke!!!”

Anonymous Client, 05/27/2015



Banke is truly an amazing lawyer, wonderful to work with, very knowledgeable and well versed in quoting previous cases to establish grounds. Banke worked diligently and efficiently on my case file to make sure my best interests are taken care of and protected when I thought I had no one to turn to in my divorce. Her professionalism is outstanding especially how she holds herself against opposing counsel, her best interest is her clients welfare and making sure this is the most cost effective experience in this difficult time. Banke has a wonderful heart and took on my situation as if it was her own, I could have never done this without her and I am truly thankful for everything she has done. I highly recommend her to everyone looking for lawyer, because there is no one in this industry that I have met that has cared as much as she has!”

Kyle Willms, 05/27/2015